Afro Hoosier Intl A little history
afropop music
Africa and the New World

in Bloomington, Indiana

A danceband specializing in the popular music of Africa – music from the Congo,
, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc. Our goal is to cover the sounds of hits from African dancehalls and to get an audience on their feet to dance to the fresh and cool of African pop.

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Band Photos, 1999-2004

Some early Performances, 1999-2001

Sample of our Repertoire as of 2004

Complete Band Repertoire as of 2004

CD Suggestions for African Pop Music

Audio Clips from Performances, 1999-2000

The band webpage is:

Phone: Contact Robert Port, 5975 Handy Road, Bloomington, IN 47401
812-824-7092, fax 812-855-5363.   port  AT indiana  DOT  edu