This website contains downloadable software for the MutPred-LOF method.


The software, as a compiled Matlab code, is available here (16GB full version). The code can be run on Linux. License file is available here. We are working on a web site!




1) ASD variants with MutPred-LOF predictions are available here.

2) Training data available here. The data does not include HGMD variants because they are under license and we cannot distribute them. Please contact HGMD directly for these variants (we used July 2016 version of the database).



Pagel KA, Pejaver V, Lin GN, Nam H, Mort M, Cooper DN, Sebat J, Iakoucheva LM, Mooney SD, Radivojac P. When loss-of-function is loss of function: assessing mutational signatures and impact of loss-of-function genetic variants. Bioinformatics (2017) 33(14): i389-i398. pdf


Our pathogenicity predictors for missense variants:


Li et al. Automated inference of molecular mechanisms of disease from amino acid substitutions. Bioinformatics (2009) 25(21): 2744-2750. pdf



Pejaver et al. MutPred2: inferring the molecular and phenotypic impact of amino acid variants. (2017) bioRxiv: 134981


The newest version of the software is always at



Predrag Radivojac

Department of Computer Science

Indiana University Bloomington


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