Dynamics Bio Page

"You Shall Know The Groove And The Groove Shall Set You Free"

What We Do

The Dynamics do R&B, Funk, and Blues classics by such artist as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Parliament/Funkadelics. To that mix, they also add current (and-soon-to-be classic) R&B flavored songs by such artist as Santana, The Artist (FKA "Prince"), Dave Matthews Band, and Peter Gabriel. To that they add a mixture of tasty originals, and Classic Covers from their October 1996 debut CD release, "Make That Change", their LIVE CD release, "Doin' It...LIVE!!!", released September, 2000, and the band's latest release, "You Ain't Got To Go Home", featuring live and studio cuts, released September 29, 2001. The Dynamics continue to impress folks all over the Midwest, and beyond with their Dynamic Groove.

Who We Are

This eight piece band features a strong lead vocalist, 3 horns, and a full rhythm section of bass, drums, keyboards, and guitar. Members are from many parts of the US., as far away as New Orleans and West Virginia, as well as Indiana and Kentucky. The current line up of the band includes: Kim "K.P." Paulk - lead vocals; Dennis Rhoades - saxophones; Jim Kirkman - trumpet; James "JB" Black - trombone; Brian Gill - keyboards; Paul Karaffa - drums; Vaughn Mitchell - bass; Tj. Jones - guitar.

Awards We've Won

The Dynamics were recognized nationally in 1990 as winners of the National W.C. Handy Blues contest held annually in Memphis, Tennessee, after winning local and state talent contest. That same year, they also were the recipients of the B. B. King Lucille award as "Best New Talent" for their showcase performance at the National Blues Award concert. In 1992 they won a spot on the annual "Live From Bloomington" CD release with their tune 'Make That Change' competing with dozens of other bands, and were voted "Most Popular Local Band" in the Bloomington Herald-Telephone readers poll. One thing's for sure: be it a college fraternity or sorority, private party, or club, when The Dynamics take the stage, dancers hit the floor!

Where We Party

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University and the "Hurryin' Hoosiers", The Dynamics are favorites at many college parties, not only at I.U., but many schools in and out of the state. The Dynamics also play night clubs, festivals, and more than a few private affairs. The Dynamics cover a very large area of the Midwest, going as far the Quad Cites area, Chicago, and St. Louis in Illinois, to Toledo and Oxford Ohio, to Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, and lots of places in between. Chances are, they will soon be playing at a party near you. Check out our online calendar to see where the PAR-TAY is!

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